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I've provided expert media commentary on US-UK relations, the special relationship, and the legacies of World War I and II. I've sat on the BBC Breakfast sofa, commented on US Presidential visits to the UK for BBC News, and delivered a public lecture for BBC Radio 4's Four Thought. I've also worked with CNN, Government Matters TV (US), and Sky News, and I've written for The Washington Post, The Independent, and The Conversation. Recently, my interest in the history of running has resulted in contributions to Outdoor Fitness Magazine and Runner's World.

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Check out the links on this page for some examples of my work.



  • US-UK Relations

  • The Special Relationship

  • The British monarchy and the United States.

  • Legacies of World War I and World War II

  • D-Day Anniversaries

  • Memory, monuments and commemoration

  • Histories of running/endurance 

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